Offering The Best Quality Entertainment In Georgia


Main Sound System
bullet 2 Bose 802 Professional Loudspeakers with DSP Controller
bullet 2 Cerwin-Vega 18 Inch Subs
bullet 3 Ramsa WSA-200-W Speakers (12 Inch Woofer & Soft Horn For Smaller Venues)
bullet 2 Ramsa WSA-250-W Sub Woofers (Smaller Venues)
bullet 1 Carver PM-1400 Amp (750 Watts/RMS Per Channel)
bullet 1 Carver Silver Seven (600 Watts/RMS Per Channel (Backup Amp)
bullet 1 Behringer Ultra-Graph Pro GEQ3102 Equalizer
bullet 1 Behringer AutoCom Pro Dynamic Processor
bullet 1 Behringer Super-X Pro Electronic Cross-Over
bullet 1 BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer
bullet 1 Gemini BPM-500 Professional Mixer
bullet 1 Denon CD-2500 Dual CD Player
bullet 2 Sony Minidisk Players/Recorders (MDS-JE500 & MDS-101)
bullet 1 AKG WS 2000 15 Channel UHF Wireless Microphone
bullet 1 Sony VAIO 2.4 GHZ Laptop for Digital Music Playback

Backup Sound System


Party Lighting System

Party Lighting Add-Ons