Debra's 40th Birthday Party


Rolling Out The Red Carpet


Welcome To Studio 54... Oops It's Studio 40


Crowd Control


No Photographers Allowed


Why Am I Bringing A Present To My Party?


Hanging Around




Tiny Bubbles...



Preparing For The First Act


The First Act.


The Second Act.


The Spanish Version.


The Midtown Version


I'm Confused Here.


Now We Got It Right.


Debra & Connie


The Final Picture


The Life & Times Of Debra






I Would Like To Personally Thank Debra And Her Husband Greg For Having Me Out To Play For Debra's 40th Birthday Party.

It Was A Blast.......

Here is what are customers say.

Bill, thanks again for a great evening.  I have had numerous people say to me, what a great job they thought you did.  Deb and I will recommend you to anyone we know looking to have a party!




P.S. The Fish Are Doing Well